Spine Radiosurgery, 2nd Edition Retail PDF

by Peter Gerszten

Spine Radiosurgery, Second Edition , is a comprehensive

text that includes discussions of the latest devices, treatment planning

techniques, target definition, and patient selection in this specialty.

Written by leading experts in the fields of neurosurgery, radiation oncology,

and medical physics, this book is the definitive reference for clinical

applications of state-of-the-art radiosurgery of the spine.



  • Six new chapters on such topics as histopathological

    examination of spinal lesions, minimally invasive techniques, and treatment of

    spinal chordomas

  • More than 100 full-color illustrations demonstrate

    key concepts

  • Discussion of new treatments for metastatic spine disease

    and spinal cord compression

This book is a must-have resource for clinicians,

fellows, and residents in neurosurgery and radiation oncology. Spine surgeons,

orthopaedists, medical physicists, and oncologists at all levels will also

benefit from the wealth of information provided.


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    Do you have the Atlas of Emergency Neurosurgery by Thieme

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