Computer-Assisted Surgery: New Developments, Applications and Potential Hazards

by Xiaojun Chen

Over the past decades, the field of computer-aided surgery has experienced tremendous developments due to the rapid growth of computing power and the improvements in imaging modalities. Based on the guidance of preoperative planning with CT, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or other volumetric image data associated with the patient, surgical navigation is being widely used in various human anatomies (eye, ear, nose, pelvis, etc.) for minimizing the risks and improving the precision of the surgeries. Furthermore, robotic systems enable surgeons to perform advanced procedures with greater visualization and dexterity than traditional technology. In this book, the authors present current developments, applications and potential hazards in the domain of computer-aided surgery and robotic surgery. Topics in this compilation include surgical navigation system based on 3D Slicer using augmented reality (AR) technology; computer-assisted minimally invasive surgery; a navigation system in bimaxillary orthognathic surgery; spinal surgical navigation system; scrub nurse robot systems for laparoscopic surgery; ultrasound imaging for robotic orthopedic surgery, etc.


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