Offbeat Otolaryngology: What the Textbooks don’t tell you

Offbeat otolaryngologyBy

  • John DC Bennett, BSc MB ChB BA MA FRCS DCH DHMSA
  • John Riddington Young, OStJ TD and bar MB ChB MPhil FRCS DLO

The information you didn’t learn in medical school!

The information you didn’t learn in medical school! A marvelous and amusing read…memorable anecdotes…I defy you not to laugh out loud. –ENT News

Want to get a step up on the competition? This is the book for young doctors trying to bluff their way into erudite otolaryngological circles by giving the impression that their ENT education was not wasted. Knowledge of trivia about a particular subject always gives the impression that the holder of this useless information is also privy to other facts which are just too mundane to mention. While everyone in the field may know what Gradenigo’s Syndrome is, you will impress your colleagues by knowing just who Gradenigo was!

Learn the fun facts and information you missed in medical school the magic and romance behind acoustic neuroma; madness and anesthesia; famous tracheotomies; the history of nasal polyps; and so much more. Finally, a medical book that makes you laugh! Offbeat Otolarngology is the book you will avidly read at every break, use in speeches, and amuse your friends and colleagues.


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