Minimally Invasive Surgery: Laparoscopy, Therapeutic Endoscopy and Notes

by Schneider Benjamin E, Jones Daniel B, Critchlow Jonathan F, Andrews Robert A

The book ‘MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY: Laparoscopy, Therapeutic Endoscopy and NOTES’ is written to provide accurate, authoritative information about the invasive surgery. Instruments and techniques used by interventional radiologists, cardiologists, and endoscopists are well explicated. It is the first comprehensive textbook to link advanced laparoscopy and endoscopy. Some of the topics covered are endoscopic parathyroidectomy, laparoscopic aortic surgery, laparoscopic Heller myotomy, biliary enteric stenting, gastric banding, laparoscopic gastric bypass. The book is updated, with innovative procedures such as robotic surgery and NOTES. Each chapter is concise and yet captures the key points of the procedure with color illustrations and high-resolution photos. Our basic science research has studied novel applications of fibrin glue, the physiology and health utility of weight loss surgery, 3-dimensional modeling using novel jet printers, and the development of simulators and validation of team training using simulation are all discussed briefly in the chapter. The book consists of 28 chapters which include laparoscopy, cholecystectomy, Robotic-assisted single port cholecystectomy, surgery for cancer etc.


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