Key Clinical Topics in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

by Chiu Tor Wo, Kong Tze Yean

The book Key Clinical Topics in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery discusses plastic and reconstructive surgery such as abdominal, breast, chest, ear, lip, nasal, scalp reconstruction etc. This book summarizes the vast subject of plastic surgery in alphabetically arranged topics. It is written for medical students and surgical trainees in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. This book is unique and valuable because of relevant content, clear description and lists of important points. This book consists of in 93 chapters. The book covers the syndromes such as Compartment syndrome, Stevens–Johnson syndrome and Treacher–Collins syndrome. Several surgical techniques such as pharyngoplasty, tracheostomy, bone grafting, rhinoplasty etc are discussed. Surgeries are performed to cure the deformities and several burns (acute, chemical, electrical and paediatric burns). Flap (muscle, rectus abdominis, tensor fascia lata, rectus femoris and cutaneous) is a technique in plastic and reconstructive surgery. These flaps provide a dynamic support and help in to covers the various defects. It also gives the information about treatment, therapy, diagnostics surgery and clinical examination of deformities.


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