New Frontiers in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

by Giuseppe Alberto Di, Shiffman Melvin A

Plastic Surgery, one of the youngest monospecialties in medicine, has historically been innovative to a drastic extent by introducing and adding the treatment of external appearance of mankind into medical sciences of healing patients of exclusively functional diseases. New Frontiers in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery contains unique ideas developed by a selected group of board-certified plastic surgeons in the field of surgical techniques for the treatment of body deformities. This book covers new forms of therapy in cosmetic and plastic surgery that promotes support of the intrinsic, autologous, regenerative potential of human biological systems. Book also contains subjects involving stem cells, liposuction, head and neck surgery, and surgery of the breast, body, and extremities. Reconstruction of exenterated orbit with vascularized temporalis muscle flap, some new rhinoplasty techniques using deep temporal fascia and secondary deformities correctable by otoplasty are presented. Limb research strongly suggests the use of combined reconstructive surgery techniques and correction of flaccidness in cases of brachioplasty after postbariatric surgical treatment.


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