Cardiac Anesthesia: Practical Aspects

by Sarkar Manjula Sudeep, Gvalani Sunil

Medical writing is a beautiful and creative art. The book ‘Cardiac anesthesia: Practical aspects’ is meant for anesthesiologists to understand basics of cardiac anesthesia which have practical implications. There is undue fear regarding cardiac anesthesia for majority. This book was aimed towards residents, private practitioners and anesthesiologists conducting occasional cardiac cases. We have tried to clear their minds and take out the fear. Book has five sections. Section one covers basics of cardiac anesthesia like preoperative evaluation of cardiac patients, monitoring during cardiac surgery, cardiovascular drugs, pathophysiology of cardiopulmonary bypass. Section two purely deals with cardiac surgeries and anesthesia aspects of congenital heart disease, myocardial revascularization, valvular heart disease, vascular surgeries and cardiac catheterization procedures. Section three covers thoracic anesthesia and challenging aspect of one lung ventilation. Section four includes anesthesia aspects of all non-cardiac surgeries in cardiac patients. Special care has been taken for few chapters like pregnancy with cardiac disease and patients with liver disease. Postoperative pain was also taken into consideration in section five. So to conclude, book has all the possible practical aspects of cardiac anesthesia.


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