Fundamentals of Orthopedics

B9789351529576Mukul Mohindra MS (ORTHO) DNB MNAMS

Jitesh Kumar MS (ORTHO)

The book has been written to offer an all-in-one package to conquer every version of the examination system. The information given in the book is elaborative yet it is concise and to the point. A number of contributors have shared their knowledge and concepts to ensure the material delivered is highly accurate. Considering the paucity of time that lies with an aspirant, the contributors have specially worked hard to ensure complete delivery of material in topics that lie sandwiched between orthopedics and other branches. This book has been written to give you just a perfect mentor that will teach you precise concepts and practices of orthopedics, make you versatile to an extent the trend demands and simply, make you the best what you really deserve to be, for you have proven you are different from the lot by choosing a profession that is most noble.
Key Features
• An up-to-date and all-in-one package to tackle theory and practical exams, as well as current entrance exam pattern MCQs.

• Elaborative on context of subject material but To-The-Point in description of topics.

• Borderline topics in orthopaedics like Spine, Metabolic bone diseases, Arthritis, Skeletal dysplasias, Brachial plexus palsies, Thoracic outket syndrome and Soft tissue sarcomas covered in simplified and complete manner.

• Over 900 well labelled images and illustrations depicting all clinical and radiological signs in orthopaedics and the instruments and implants in use.

• High yield points given at the end of every topic specially targeting current pattern of MCQs.

• Excellent synopsis of all topics at the end of subject.

• A smartly prepared Practice Session (over 600 MCQs) covering all possible types of MCQs asked till date in various competitive exams with answer references fro the text.

• Picture Quiz based on current trend for practicing image based questions.


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