The Shoulder: Its Function and Clinical Aspects

The shoulder its function and clinical aspectsBy

  • Katsuya Nobuhara, M.D., Director, Nobuhara Hospital & Institute of Biomechanics Honorary Member, Japanese Orthopaedic Association Honorary Member, Japan Shoulder Association Chairman, The Foundation of the Asian Shoulder Association Hyogo, Japan

This is a landmark book that has been written for shoulder surgeons all over the world. The author, a world-renowned shoulder expert, shares his more than three decades of research investigations and clinical experience. The topics covered range from shoulder functional anatomy, through the clinical aspects, to shoulder biomechanics, with the inclusion of many clinical cases.

The book is highly illustrated with more than 200 color pictures. It has many outstanding features unmatched by other existing references. The author utilizes the unusual oriental concept of the human body structure to explain the function of the shoulder, thus providing a totally different frame of reference for the understanding of such an amazing physiological entity. The book provides a well-balanced presentation of Eastern and Western medical science and philosophy, and promises to be a classic. It will benefit many orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation professionals and biomechanicians.


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