Atlas of Acoustic Neurinoma Microsurgery, 2nd Edition

Atlas of acoustic neurinoma microsurgeryBy

  • Mario Sanna, MD, Professor of Otolaryngology, Department of Head and Neck Surgery, University of Chieti, Chieti, Italy, Gruppo Otologico, Piacenza and Rome, Italy
  • Fernando Mancini, MD, Gruppo Otologico, Casa di Cura “Piacenza ”, Piacenza and Rome, Italy, Ospedale Koelleker, Turin, Italy
  • Alessandra Russo, MD, Gruppo Otologico, Casa di Cura “Piacenza ”, Piacenza and Rome, Italy
  • Abdelkader Taibah, MD, Gruppo Otologico, Casa di Cura “Piacenza ”, Piacenza and Rome, Italy
  • Maurizio Falcioni, MD, Gruppo Otologico, Casa di Cura “Piacenza ”, Piacenza and Rome, Italy
  • Giuseppe Di Trapani, MD, Gruppo Otologico, Casa di Cura “Piacenza ”, Piacenza and Rome, Italy

Lavishly illustrated second edition of the classic text on acoustic neurinoma microsurgery

Authored by pioneers in the field, Acoustic Neurinoma Microsurgery — now in a fully updated second edition — provides step-by-step descriptions of the most common surgical approaches complemented by clearly labeled, full-color intraoperative photographs. Numerous cases derived from the expert authors own experience accompany each description to demonstrate the clinical application of the various techniques as well as to offer practical examples of what to do when faced with surgical complications.

Concise, tightly focused chapters cover everything from surgical anatomy and operating room setup to detailed explanations of how to perform the full range of surgical procedures, including the enlarged middle cranial fossa approach, the transotic approach, the modified transcochlear approach, and much more.


  • New chapters on the general features of acoustic neurinomas; functional surgery and intraoperative monitoring of the facial and cochlear nerves; imaging of acoustic neurinomas; facial nerve reanimation; and treatment options for patients with neurofibromatosis type 2
  • In-depth information on key aspects of patient care, such as patient selection, preoperative care, and postoperative follow-up
  • 1,034 high-quality images — including more than 900 full-color intraoperative photographs — precisely display each step of the different procedures
  • Multiple cases in each chapter prepare the reader for clinical situations

Reflecting the latest technical advancements in acoustic neurinoma microsurgery, this visual guide will develop the surgical skills of every otolaryngologist and neurosurgeon that performs this delicate and complicated form of surgery.


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