Spinal Deformities: The Comprehensive Text

Spinal Deformities the comprehensive textBy

  • Ronald L. DeWald, M.D., Profe ssor of Orthopaed ic Surgery, Rush Medical College, C hicago, Illinois
  • Vincent Arlet, M.D., Asso ciate Profe ssor of Orthopaed ic Surgery, McGill Uni versity, Montreal , Canada
  • Allen L. Carl, M.D., Asso ciate Profe ssor of Orthopaed ic Surgery, Albany Medical College, Albany , New York
  • Michael F. O’Brien, M.D., Assis tant Profe ssor of Orthopaed ic Surgery, Colorado Health Scie nces Cent er, Denver, Colorado

Here is the first book to bring basic and clinical science together in the challenging field of spinal deformities. A renowned team of international authors provide the soup-to-nuts information you need, demonstrating not only how to stop progression of a deformity, but also how to quickly and safely correct it.

Beginning with an introduction to surgical anatomy, the book covers physiology, pharmacology, neurology, radiology, instrumentation, surgical techniques, complications, and more. It provides vital details on every aspect of spinal deformities from degenerative disc disease and neuromuscular scoliosis to fusion techniques and revision surgery.

Special features of this encyclopedic resource:

  • State-of-the-art approaches to clinical evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation from a who’s who of leading experts
  • More than 1,000 high-quality illustrations demonstrate all surgical procedures
  • Detailed, in-depth analysis of everything from anatomy and pharmacology to biomechanics and anesthesiology
  • Endorsed by the world’s leading scoliosis/spinal organization, The Scoliosis Research Society

This book is the bible for treating spinal deformities that every orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, and resident needs. Take advantage of this single-volume text that contains all the facts and information necessary to successfully manage spinal deformities!


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