The Scaphoid

The ScaphoidBy

  • David J. Slutsky, MD, Associate Professor, David Geff en UCLA School of Medicine, Chief of Reconstructive Hand Surgery, Harbor-University of California–Los Angeles The Hand and Wrist Institute, Torrance, California
  • Joseph F. Slade III, MD, Professor , Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation , Joint Appointment, Department of Plastic and   Reconstructive Surgery, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, Director, Hand and Upper Extremity Service, Guilford, Connecticut

In-depth coverage of scaphoid surgery from the world’s leading authorities

The Scaphoid brings together in one definitive reference every aspect of carpal scaphoid injury treatment. Featuring insights from pioneers in the field, its comprehensive coverage extends from standard open procedures to state-of-the-art percutaneous methods and mini-incision techniques.

Each chapter covers a different procedure, beginning with a discussion of relevant anatomical considerations, indications, contraindications, and potential outcomes. The expert authors then present step-by-step demonstrations of each surgical approach complemented by clearly labeled illustrations that help readers to visualize the specific procedure while reinforcing their understanding of the basic principles of scaphoid fracture fixation.


  • Comprehensive information on arthroscopic bone grafting, vascularized grafts, salvage procedures, the various types of implants, and much more
  • 600 vivid illustrations — including 300 in full-color — enhance the text
  • Concise, narrated videos on an accompanying DVD depict key fixation procedures described in the book, including percutaneous, mini-open and arthroscopic assisted scaphoid screw insertion, volar and dorsal vascularized scaphoid bone grafts, and more

This highly practical clinical reference is an indispensable resource for every resident, fellow, or clinician in hand surgery, orthopedic trauma surgery, or plastic surgery.


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