Ultrasound-guided Chemodenervation Procedures: Text and Atlas

By  Chemodenervation Procedures

  • Katharine Alter (Author),
  • Mark Hallett (Author),
  • Barbara Karp (Author),
  • Codrin Lungu (Author)

“Ultrasound-Guided Chemodenervation Procedures” provides a comprehensive multimedia approach to neurotoxin therapy using ultrasound. This combined text/atlas/DVD offers a complete review of toxin therapy, both current indications and emerging applications, as well as a detailed review of ultrasound technology and ultrasound guidance techniques for botulinum toxin injections and nerve blocks. The work also includes a detailed anatomic and pictorial atlas (print and DVD), which will be invaluable to clinicians performing procedures with or without ultrasound guidance. The text section of the book is a reference manual, covering conditions and indications, chemodenervation agents, and ultrasound basics including essential physics, machine settings, artifacts, scanning techniques, and procedural guidance techniques. The illustrated print and DVD atlas sections offer a stunning visual roadmap for understanding ultrasound anatomy, localizing muscles, and safely and successfully performing chemodenervation procedures. Features of “Ultrasound-Guided Chemodenervation Procedures” Include: more than 1,300 clinical pictures, anatomical drawings, and ultrasound stills; over 300 video clips of structures, injections, and techniques for performing chemodenervation and neurolysis or combination therapies with ultrasound; practical yet comprehensive – an indispensable print and electronic reference for clinicians; review of ultrasound technology, techniques, and clinical applications for chemodenervation; and, review of clinical indications and emerging uses of Botulinum Toxin.


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