Robotic Urologic Surgery, 2nd Edition

Robotic Urologic Surgery 2By

  • Dr. Vipul R. Patel, M.D., Florida Hospital Global Robotics Institute, Florida Hospital Celebration Health, Celebration, FL, USA, University of Central Florida College of Medicine, Florida Hospital Celebration Health, Celebration, FL, USA, Florida Hospital Celebration Health, Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, Urologic Oncology Program, Celebration, FL, USA

Robotic Urologic Surgery, Second Edition is an updated and revised technical manual focusing on the various robotic approaches to robotic urologic surgical procedures. This book provides instructions on how to develop a successful robotics program, learn the various techniques, and improve outcomes. It also aids the reader with helpful hints to avoid pitfalls. Robotic Urologic Surgery, Second Edition includes up-to-date contributions from leading robotic urologic surgeons from around the world. The detailed body of data which this book provides is supported by schematic diagrams and anatomic photographs to illustrate the concept being discussed. Robotic Urologic Surgery, Second Edition is an essential guide for all urologists as a reference to establish a robotics program, refine their surgical technique, and provide information to patients.

Key Features

  • The chapter authors are top robotic urologic surgeons around the world.
  • Schematic diagrams and anatomic photographs illustrate the concepts being discussed.
  • Instructions on how to develop a successful robotics program and learn the various techniques.


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