Peripheral Regional Anesthesia: An Atlas of Anatomy and Techniques, 2nd Edition

peripheral regional anesthesiaBy

  • Gisela Meier
  • Johannes Buettner

The use of peripheral anesthesia and regional nerve blocks is rapidly increasing as physicians and patients gain firsthand experience of the benefits these techniques offer. Practitioners have an ever-increasing choice of options, as the range of techniques expands and becomes more sophisticated.

The techniques described in this unique atlas and DVD, in word, pictures, and on film, provide the ideal guide to peripheral regional anesthesia. Standard techniques are complemented by the latest developments and alternative techniques which can significantly broaden the clinical spectrum. Full-color line drawings, schematics, and clearly labeled, detailed photographs of cadaver dissections provide accessible, visual explanations of the required anatomical knowledge.

Organized by anatomical region, the atlas features:

  • Clear, step-by-step instructions on how to perform the techniques, including the best approaches and insertion points
  • Illustrations of nerve blocks, sensory and motor effects; indications, contraindications; complications, side effects, and method-specific problems
  • Strategies for patient and procedure selection, and on patient communication
  • Full coverage of peripheral nerve blocks, including hygiene requirements, informed consent, patient positioning and monitoring, and more
  • Tips on handling needles and catheters
  • Detailed description of catheter techniques in long-term pain management

Designed for clinicians wishing to improve their skills in this rapidly evolving specialty, this atlas is indispensable to any anesthesia library. The authors are recognized experts in the field of regional anesthesia.

New in the second edition:

  • DVD with over 200 video clips helps put theory into practice
  • New techniques of peripheral blocks in the elbow


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