Surgical Techniques for the Spine

Surgical techniques for the spineBy

  • Thomas R. Haher
  • Andrew A. Merola

Key tips and pointers from true masters in the field!

This outstanding guide to spine surgery provides step-by-step instructions to nearly 60 different spinal procedures. Each chapter is written by top international experts who offer their clinical knowledge and years of experience. Approximately 400 high quality illustrations enhance the text by providing detailed examples of the procedures.

The text covers everything from anterior odontoid resection, cervical corpectomy, and thoracic fixation techniques, to anterior thoracoplasty, lateral discectomy, and scoliosis correction. Within each chapter, you’ll find indications, contraindications, procedural steps, pearls, pitfalls, and postoperative care tips. A valuable resource for residents and practitioners in orthopedics, spine surgery, and neurosurgery.


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