Temporal Bone Dissection Guide

Temporal Bone Dissection guideBy

  • Howard W. Francis
  • John K. Niparko

Develop your surgical technique with this exquisitely illustrated temporal bone dissection manual

Temporal Bone Dissection Guide elucidates the key concepts of otologic surgery in a user-friendly manner that is refreshingly accessible to beginning surgeons. Users are provided with only the most relevant information to ensure they are not distracted from the mail goal — to hone their surgical skills so as to mature into safe and effective temporal bone surgeons.

The organization of this highly visual guidebook is designed to teach users to confidently navigate the complex anatomy of the temporal bone and to visualize the surgical steps within a clinical context. Concise descriptions of procedure, anatomy, and surgical objectives are accompanied by clearly labeled image sequences.


  • 141 detailed, high-quality drawings depict each surgical step
  • Histologic sections and CT images illustrate the intricate anatomic relationships within the temporal bone
  • A convenient lay-flat wire binding facilitates easy reference in the lab
  • Invaluable advice from the experts, including tips on precisely how to sculpt cortical planes, the technical nuances of the mastoidectomy, and much more

The ideal companion in the temporal bone lab, this step-by-step guide will provide residents in otolaryngology–head and neck surgery and skull base surgery with a firm grasp of the basics. It is also an effective tool for specialists who need to refresh their dissection skills.


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