Ear and Temporal Bone Surgery: Minimizing Risks and Complications

Ear and temporal bone surgeryBy

  • Richard J. Wiet

Important safety tips and error prevention techniques

In light of much public scrutiny concerning the possible risks and unfavorable outcomes of surgical procedures, this timely book addresses important issues in error prevention and safety for otologic and skull base surgery. Written by internationally recognized experts in the field, this text presents standards of care as well as in-depth review of critical preoperative considerations to develop a safe and effective procedure.


  • Extensive discussion of common ear and temporal bone surgical techniques with a special focus on safety
  • Detailed coverage of indications and contraindications, testing procedures, alternatives, monitoring techniques and more
  • An easy-to-reference chapter devoted to Problems and Solutions reviewing key concepts as well as how to avoid errors and manage complications when they occur

All clinicians in otology and neurotology and skull base surgery will benefit from having this text on hand. This book will also be extremely useful for the resident preparing for oral board exams.


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