Cochlear Implants, 2nd Edition

Cochlear implants 2By

  • Susan B. Waltzman
  • J. Thomas Roland Jr.

A new edition with important updates on the latest advances in cochlear implantation

The second edition of Cochlear Implantsprovides a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art techniques for evaluating and selecting the cochlear implant candidate. Clear descriptions of surgical techniques guide the reader through implantation procedures, and chapters address important issues such as speech production, language development, and education in implant recipients.

This second edition features:

  • New chapters on the genetics of hearing loss, sound processing, binaural hearing, and electroacoustic stimulation
  • Complete discussion of the most recent advances in evaluation procedures, surgery, programming methods, speech processing strategies, and more
  • Precise, easy-to-follow tables and figures enhance comprehension of the basic science, research and clinical concepts covered in the text
  • Coverage of the medical and surgical complications of cochlear implantation
  • Insights from an interdisciplinary team of experts in otolaryngology, audiology, the basic sciences, speech pathology, and education

Ideal for learning and reference, Cochlear Implants synthesizes the key information needed by practitioners, researchers, and students in a range of disciplines. Readers will benefit from both the scope and thoroughness of this authoritative reference.

Dr. Roland honored in Best Doctors 2012 issue of New York Magazine


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