Basic Orthopedic Exams

Basic orthopedic examBy

  • Zachary Child MD University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno, NV

This pocket handbook for third- and fourth-year medical students and non-orthopedic clinicians is a quick, problem-focused tool for evaluating patients with musculoskeletal disorders. It teaches students basic orthopedic exam skills needed for many clinical rotations, and guides primary care and emergency/urgent care practitioners in initial evaluation of musculoskeletal problems.

The consistent chapter format includes exam basics, orthopedic pearls, range of motion, specific muscles and their evaluation, and illustrated techniques for specific exams. A “Quick Look” feature briefly summarizes pertinent tests for each anatomical area. The book includes 120 drawings by the author, 39 x-rays, and numerous references for further information.

Key Features

  • Standard format applied throughout; each topic contains
    • exam basics
    • orthopedic pearls
    • range of motion
    • specific muscles and their evaluation with pertinent anatomical considerations
    • illustrated techniques for specific exams
  • “Quick Look” feature briefly summarizes pertinent tests for each anatomical area
  • All illustrations were drawn by author in a pencil and charcoal style to convey a neo-classical look
  • Contains many references for more in-depth review
  • Useful across many clinical rotations; not limited to just an orthopedic rotation


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