Head and Neck Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Approach, 3rd Edition

Head and neck cancer a multidisciplinary approach 3By

  • Lewis Flint
  • J. Wayne Meredith
  • C. William Schwab
  • Donald D. Trunkey
  • Loring W. Rue
  • Paul A. Taheri

This comprehensive, multidisciplinary text addresses all aspects of head and neck cancer and represents a wide spectrum of specialists, including surgical, radiation, and medical oncologists, dentists, pathologists, radiologists, and nurses. The book focuses on a two-part approach to treatment that maximizes the chance for a cure while maintaining a strong emphasis on quality of life.

This Third Edition’s updated techniques section includes new radiation techniques such as IMRT and IGRT and new endoscopic and laser surgical techniques. Other highlights include a new chapter on reconstructive techniques; significant updates to all site-specific chapters; updates on chemoprevention and molecular targeting; and discussions of new imaging modalities such as fused PET/CT.

A companion Website will offer the fully searchable text with all images.

Key Features

  • NEW: Greater emphasis on (very popular) technique sectionnew radiation techniques (IMRT, IGRT) and surgical techniques (endoscopic, laser)
  • NEW: New imaging techniques (fused PET/CT, metabolic, functional imaging)
  • NEW: New chapter on reconstructive techniques
  • NEW: New material on laser therapy
  • NEW: Significant updates to all chapters in site-specific section (Part II)
  • NEW: Updates to chapters on chemoprevention and molecular targeting
  • NEW: Forty percent new images added
  • True multidisciplinary approach to subject
  • Emphasis on “team approach,” resulting in a functional plan for what is best for the individual patient
  • Addresses every conceivable topic on the subject


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