Joint Replacement Arthroplasty: Basic Science, Hip, Knee, and Ankle, 4th Edition

Joint replacement arthroplasty basic science hip knee and ankleBy

  • Bernard F. Morrey
  • Daniel J. Berry
  • Kai-Nan An
  • Harold B.Kitaoka
  • Mark W. Pagnano

Thoroughly updated and expanded into two separate volumes, the Fourth Edition of Joint Replacement ArthroTplasty: Basic Science, Hip, Knee, and Ankle, provides comprehensive coverage of primary and revision arthroplasty procedures for the upper and lower extremities. This definitive text is written by world-renowned experts from the Mayo Clinic and other leading institutions and includes data from the Mayo Clinic’s extensive patient records from 1969 through 2009. This second volume  covers the hip, knee, and ankle and includes online access to 30 chapters on the basic science that supports joint replacement.

Sections on each joint cover anatomy and surgical approaches, navigation, biomechanics, prosthesis design, primary arthroplasty, complications, revision arthroplasty, and alternative procedures. This edition includes more practical advice on diagnosing and managing the underlying problems and more step-by-step operative guidelines.

The companion website allows you to search across both Volume 1, covering the elbow and shoulder, and Volume 2.  The online-only basic science chapters provide thorough coverage of materials used for joint replacements and management of patients with various medical conditions.

Key Features

  • Complete coverage of all complications
  • Expert, world-renowned authors
  • Much practical information on how to manage the operation
  • Short chapters allowing easier access to the material


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