Jaypee Orthopaedic Book Collection

Text atlas on complications of fracturesBook list

  • Neglected Musculoskeletal Injuries – Anil K Jain, Sudhir Kumar
  • Low Back Pain – John Ebnezar
  • Knee Replacement, 2nd Edition – SKS Marya, R Thukral
  • Intra-articular and Allied Injections, 2nd Edition – Sureshwar Pandey, Anil Kumar Pandey
  • Defining the Value of Spine Care – Jeffrey A Rihn, Alexander R Vaccaro, Todd J Albert
  • Handbook of Orthopaedics – Hitesh Gopalan U
  • Essentials of Rehabilitation for Orthopaedic Surgeons – John Ebnezar
  • Jaypee’s Review of Orthopaedics –  Nadeem Ashraf, Lubna Ashraf
  • Current Problems in Orthopaedics and Trauma – RC Mohanti
  • A Practical Operative Guide for Total Knee and Hip Replacement – Ajit Kumar Mehta
  • Essentials of Orthopedics – RM Shenoy
  • Best Aid to Orthopedics – Pramod TK
  • Clinical Aspects in Osteoporosis – Manoj R Kandoi
  • Clinical Assessment and Examination in Orthopedics, 2nd Edition – C Rex
  • Clinical Examination Methods in Orthopaedics – John Ebnezar
  • Practical Orthopedics, 2nd Edition & 1st Edition – Subhash Kakkad
  • Principles of Manual Therapy: A Manual Therapy Approach to Musculoskeletal Dysfunction – Deepak Sebastian
  • Pocket Book of Orthopedics – K Mohan Iyer
  • Short Review Of Orthopedics – Dhananjaya Sabat
  • Plaster Application Made Easy® – Rajendra Kumar Kanojia
  • Practical Orthopedic Examination Made Easy®, 2nd Edition & 1st Edition – Manish Kumar Varshney
  • Orthopedics Ready Reckoner – RM Shenoy, Deepak Pinto, Vivek Mahajan
  • Skeletal Trauma In Tropics, 2nd Edition – Sureshwar Pandey, Anil Kumar Pandey
  • Step by Step® Fracture Treatment – John Ebnezar
  • Step by Step® Approach to Fractures – Rahij Anwar
  • Step by Step® Basic of Knee Arthroplasty – Ravi Mittal
  • Step by Step® Injection Techniques in Orthopaedics – John Ebnezar
  • Step by Step® Emergencies in Orthopaedics – John Ebnezar
  • Step by Step® Management of Equinus Foot by Ilizarov Technique – R.A. Agrawal, Sureshwar Pandey, Ustiantsev Vasilli Ivanovich
  • Step by Step® High Tibial Osteotomy by Hemicallotasis – Ajit Kumar Mehta, Mangal Parihar
  • Step by Step® Trauma Management – Chandra Bhushan, Chandra Sekhar Mone
  • Step by Step® Management of Clubfoot by Ponseti Technique – RA Agrawal, Sureshwar Pandey
  • Step by Step® Operative Orthopaedics – John Ebnezar
  • Step by Step® Management of Clubfoot by JESS (Joshi’s External Stabilization System) – BB Joshi, Ram Prabhoo, BG Kanaji, Sandhya Kaushik
  • Step by Step® Knee Replacement – SKS Marya, R Thukral
  • Surface Replacement of the Hip – SKS Marya, RK Bawari
  • Textbook of Cervical Spondylosis – PS Ramani
  • Management of Lower Limbs Deformity – Rajendra Kumar Kanojia
  • Text & Atlas on Complications of Fractures – John Ebnezar
  • Surgical Techniques in Spinal Surgery Cervical Spine: A Step by Step Approach – PS Ramani
  • Surgery Of The Injured Hand: Towards Functional Restoration – R Venkataswami
  • Textbook of Spinal Surgery – PS Ramani
  • Textbook of Orthopaedics, 3rd Edition – John Ebnezar
  • Tuberculosis of the Skeletal System (Bones, Joints, Spine and Bursal Sheaths), 4th Edition & 3rd Edition – SM Tuli
  • The Clubfoot Revisited – Sureshwar Pandey, Anil Kumar Pandey
  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery Total Hip Replacement Surgery (Principles and Techniques) – SKS Marya, RK Bawari


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