Orthopedics: Seeking a Balance

Orthopedics seeking a balanceBy

  • Augusto Sarmiento  MD, Former Professor and Chairman, Department of Orthopedics, Universities of Miami and Southern California, USA, Past President of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Past President of the Hip Society

The author clearly states that his comments often are based on vicariously obtained information, while other times are the product of personal clinical or research experiences. The realization that there is not a fixed, indisputable system or technique that under all circumstances is the only one appropriate, either in theory or in practice, calls for objectivity, particularly at a time when financial considerations have become seminal in the everyday practice of the profession. The plethora of new surgical techniques or implants that are on a daily basis enthusiastically marketed and rapidly accepted before sufficient period of study, call for as much understanding as possible of every available option. Failure to adhere to these precepts eventually harms patients and seriously contributes to the already dangerous escalation in the cost of orthopedic care. This book beautifully describes the balance between the surgical and nonsurgical approaches to orthopaedic care not only for sound professional reasons but for economic ones as well. Topics covered under reconstructive surgery, general trauma, progress in total hip surgery, smoking and fracture healing, wires (broken) total hip, electrical stimulation, etc. Section on Miscellaneous addresses variety of topics of philosophical or political nature. The ADDENDA contains addresses and abbreviated articles dealing on topics that shed light into authors overall personal attitudes toward a changing discipline. This book is useful for graduates, postgraduates, orthopedic surgeons and residents.


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