Gateway to Success in Surgery

Gateway to success in surgeryBy

  • Anil K Lalwani MD, Professor of Otolaryngology and, Vice-Chair for Research, , Director of Division of Otology , Director of the Columbia Cochlear Implant Program, , Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, USA
  • Markus HF Pfister  MD, Otolaryngologist, Sarnen, Switzerland,

The book Gateway to success in surgery is written to make the people an exceptional personality in the field of surgery. This book will help all the medical students both undergraduates and postgraduates to present cases, better in examination and which is very important to get through the exam door. This book has a ready-made presentation of cases which will enable to understand easily. It included all the possible examination type questions and answers which will help the students to get through the exam. The Gateway to success in surgery has written clearly all the important notes for pre-exam revision of topics, basic guidelines for examination, easier way to pass the examination, basic things of surgery for theory, way to be a basic doctor and know about your health. Each long case starts with describing past, present and family history of the patient followed by general, systemic examination and summary. Surgical obstructive jaundice, cystic lump abdomen, epigastric lump, renal lump, etc. are covered under Long cases. Short cases cover topics on inguinal hernia, testicular tumor, varicocele, melanoma, etc. Cleft lip and cleft palate, hypospadius, hydrocephalus, Wilms’ tumor (Nephroblastoma), congenital hernia are discussed under pediatric cases.


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  1. kindly post these books-Recent Advances in Surgery-35,36,13

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