Clinics in Plastic Surgery 2002-2013 Full Issues

Clinics in Plastic SurgeryIssue list

  • April 2013 Outcomes Measures in Plastic Surgery Edited by Kevin C. Chung and Andrea L. Pusic
  • January 2013 Brow and Upper Eyelid Surgery: Multispecialty Approach Edited by Babak Azizzadeh and Guy G. Massry
  • October 2012 Surgical Advances in Plastic Surgery Edited by Marek K. Dobke
  • July 2012 Wound Healing for Plastic Surgeons Edited by Mark S. Granick
  • April 2012 Acellular Dermal Matrices in Breast Surgery Edited by Richard A. Baxter
  • January 2012 Skin: Discourse on Emerging Science and Techniques
  • October 2011 Functional Hand Reconstruction Edited by Michael W. Neumeister
  • July 2011 Cosmetic Medicine and Minimally Invasive Surgery Edited by Malcolm D. Paul, Raffi V. Hovsepian and Adam M. Rotunda
  • April 2011 Toolbox for Autologous Breast Reconstruction Edited by Maurice Y. Nahabedian
  • January 2011 Vascular Anomalies Edited by Arin K. Greene and Chad A. Perlyn
  • October 2010 Perforator Flaps Edited by Peter C. Neligan
  • July 2010 Abdominoplasty Edited by Al Aly
  • April 2010 Rhinoplasty: Current Concepts Edited by Ronald P. Gruber and David Stepnick
  • January 2010 Cutaneous Melanoma Edited by William W. Dzwierzynski
  • October 2009 Burns Edited by R. Cartotto
  • July 2009 Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction Edited by S.O.P. Hofer
  • April 2009 Emerging Techniques in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Edited by L. Toledo
  • January 2009 Breast Augmentation Edited by S.L. Spear
  • October 2008 Facelifts, Part II Edited by M.D. Paul
  • July 2008 Facelifts, Part I Edited by M.D. Paul
  • April 2008 Evidence-Based Plastic Surgery: Design, Measurement, and Evaluation Edited by A. Thoma
  • January 2008 Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss Edited by A. Aly
  • October 2007 Wound Surgery Edited by M. Granick
  • July 2007 Orthognathic Surgery Edited by P.K. Patel
  • April 2007 Replantation and Transplantation Edited by R.O. Datiashvili
  • January 2007 Post-Surgical Breast Reconstruction Edited by P.C. Neligan and J.E. Lipa
  • October 2006 Current Trends in Facial Fillers Edited by D.A. Jansen
  • July 2006 Gluteal Augmentation Edited by V.L. Young and T.L. Roberts
  • April 2006 Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Edited by M. Cohen
  • January 2006 Lipoplasty Edited by L.S. Toledo
  • October 2005 Update on Hand Surgery Edited by N. McKee
  • July 2005 Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Head and Neck Edited by A. Thoma
  • April 2005 Surgical Management of Cutaneous Disease Edited by Mark Granick
  • January 2005 Pediatric Plastic Surgery Edited by S. Stal and L. Hollier
  • October 2004 Abdominoplasty Edited by Kenneth C. Shestak
  • July 2004 Craniofacial Reconstruction Edited by Constance M. Barone
  • April 2004 Cleft Lip and Palate Edited by Mimis Cohen
  • January 2004 Skin Cancer Restoration Edited by James E. Criagie, MD and Richard M. Kline, MD
  • October 2003 Tissue Engineering Edited by Gregory R.D. Evans, MD
  • July 2003 Perforator flaps Edited by Fu-Chan Wei, MD
  • April 2003 Peripheral nerve surgery Edited by Susan E. Mackinnon
  • January 2003 Wound healing Edited by Linda G. Phillips
  • October 2002 The paralyzed face Edited by Craig H. Johnson, Stephen J. Finical
  • July 2002 Reduced Scar Mastopexy and Reduction Edited by Dennis C. Hammond
  • April 2002 Plastic and reconstructive surgery of the ear Edited by Nabil I. Elsahy
  • January 2002 New Directions in Plastic Surgery, Part II Edited by Mutaz B. Habal


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