Hand Clinics 2002-2013 Full Issues

Hand clinicsIssue list

  • 2013 May: Tendon Repair and Reconstruction Edited by Jin Bo Tang and Steve K. Lee
  • 2013 February: Arthroplasty Around the Wrist: CMC, Radiocarpal, DRUJ Edited by Marwan A. Wehbé
  • 2012 November: New and Emerging Technology in the Treatment of the Upper Extremity Edited by Jeffrey Yao
  • 2012 August: Elite Athlete’s Hand and Wrist Injury Edited by Michelle G. Carlson
  • 2012 May: Current Concepts in the Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures Edited by Kevin C. Chung
  • 2012 February: Intrinsic Muscles of the Hand Edited by Steven Green
  • 2011 November: Hand Transplantation Edited by Gerald Brandacher and W.P. Andrew Lee
  • 2011 August: New Advances in Wrist and Small Joint Arthroscopy Edited by David J. Slutsky
  • 2011 May: Elbow Arthritis Edited by Julie E. Adams and Leonid I. Katolik
  • 2011 February: Current Concepts in the Treatment of the Rheumatoid Hand, Wrist and Elbow Edited by Kevin C. Chung
  • 2010 November: Disorders of the Distal Radius Ulnar Joint and Their Surgical Management Edited by Steven L. Moran and Richard A. Berger
  • 2010 August: Technologic Advances and the Upper Extremity Edited by Asif M. Ilyas
  • 2010 May: Complications in Hand Surgery Edited by Jeffrey A. Greenberg
  • 2010 February: Wrist Trauma Edited by Steven Papp
  • 2009 November:  Hand Burns Edited by Matthew B. Klein
  • 2009 August: Sports Injuries of the Elbow and Hand Edited by William B. Geissler
  • 2009 May: Congenital Hand Differences Edited by Kevin C. Chung
  • 2009 February: Evidence-Based Practice Edited by Robert M. Szabo and Joy C. MacDermid
  • 2008 November: Nerve Transfers Edited by Susan E. Mackinnon and Christine B. Novak
  • 2008 August: Thumb Arthritis Edited by Tamara D. Rozental
  • 2008 May: Contemporary Issues Related to Management of the Upper Limb in Tetraplegia Edited by Albert A. Weiss and Mary Jane Mulcahey
  • 2008 February: Acute and Chronic Elbow Instability Edited by Scott G. Edwards
  • 2007 November: Humerus Fractures Edited by S.P. Steinmann and V.D. Pellegrini
  • 2007 August: The Ulnar Nerve Edited by D.A. Zlotolow and V.D. Pellegrini
  • 2007 May: Forearm Injuries Edited by M. Rizzo
  • 2007 February: Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Upper Extremity: State of the Art Edited by N.F. Jones
  • 2006 November: Carpal Disorders Edited by Steve K. Lee and Michael R. Hausman
  • 2006 August: Hand Fractures and Dislocations Edited by Alan E. Freeland and Sheila G. Lindley
  • 2006 May: Hand Arthritis Edited by Matthew M. Tomaino
  • 2006 February: Pediatric Fractures, Dislocations, and Sequelae, Pediatric Fractures, Dislocations, and Sequelae Edited by Scott H. Kozin
  • 2005 November: Wrist Arthritis, Wrist Arthritis Edited by Brian Adams
  • 2005 August: Distal Radius Fractures, Distal Radius Fractures Edited by David J. Slutsky and Andrew P. Gutow
  • 2005 May: Flexor Tendon Injuries Edited by Daniel P. Mass, Craig S. Phillips
  • 2005 February: Brachial Plexus Injuries in Adults Edited by Allen T. Bishop, Robert J. Spinner, Alexander Y. Shin
  • 2004 November: Elbow Trauma Edited by Graham J.W. King
  • 2004 August: Tumor of the Hand and Upper Extremity: Principles of Diagnosis and Management Edited by Peter M. Murray, Edward A. Athanasian and Peter J.L. Jebson
  • 2004 May: Tumor of the Hand and Upper Extremity: Principles of Diagnosis and Management Edited by Peter M. Murray, Edward A. Athanasian, Peter J.L. Jebson
  • 2004 February: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Edited by M. A. Wehbe
  • 2003 November: The Upper Limb in Cerebral Palsy Edited by Michael A. Tonkin
  • 2003 August: Advances in Objective Assessment of Hand Function and Outcome Edited by Frederic A. Schuind
  • 2003 May: The Musician’s Hand Edited by Ian Winspur and Raoul Tubiana
  • 2003 February: Mutilating Hand Injuries Edited by Richard E. Brown and Michael W. Neumeister
  • 2002 November: The Perionychium Edited by Elvin G. Zook and Richard E. Brown
  • 2002 August: Tetraplegic Upper Limb Edited by Raoul Tubiana
  • 2002 May: Carpal Tunnel Surgery Edited by Robert M. Szabo
  • 2002 February: Contemporary Management of Elbow and Forearm Disorders Edited by Thomas J. Graham


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