Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America 2000-2013 Full Issues

Otolaryngologic clinics of north americaIssue List

  • Volume 46, Issue 3 Complementary and Integrative Therapies for ENT Disorders Edited by John Maddalozzo, Edmund A. Pribitkin and Michael D. Seidman
  • Volume 46, Issue 2 Endoscopic Ear Surgery Edited by Muaaz Tarabichi, João Flávio Nogueira, Daniele Marchioni, Livio Presutti and David D. Pothier
  • Volume 46, Issue 1 Office Procedures in Laryngology Edited by Milan R. Amin
  • Volume 45, Issue 6 Imaging of Head and Neck Spaces for Diagnosis and Treatment Edited by Sangam G. Kanekar and Kyle Mannion
  • Volume 45, Issue 5 Evidence-Based Clinical Practice in Otolaryngology Edited by Timothy L. Smith
  • Volume 45, Issue 4 HPV and Head and Neck Cancer Edited by Sara I. Pai
  • Volume 45, Issue 3 Pediatric OtolaryngologyChallenges in Multi-system Disease Edited by Austin S. Rose
  • Volume 45, Issue 2 Vestibular SchwannomaEvidence-based Treatment Edited by Fred F. Telischi and Jacques J. Morcos
  • Volume 45, Issue 1 Cochlear Implants: Adult and Pediatric Edited by J. Thomas Roland and David S. Haynes
  • Volume 44, Issue 6 Telehealth in Otolaryngology Edited by Yehuda Roth and Michael R. Holtel
  • Volume 44, Issue 5 Neurorhinology: Complex Lesions Edited by Richard J. Harvey and Carl H. Snyderman
  • Volume 44, Issue 4 Neurorhinology: Common Pathologies Edited by Richard J. Harvey and Carl Snyderman
  • Volume 44, Issue 3 Allergies for the Otolaryngologist Edited by B.J. Ferguson and Suman Golla
  • Volume 44, Issue 2 Dizziness and Vertigo across the Lifespan Edited by Bradley W. Kesser and A. Tucker Gleason
  • Volume 44, Issue 1 Oral Medicine Edited by Arlen Meyers and Vincent Eusterman
  • Volume 43, Issue 6 Head and Neck Ultrasound Edited by Joseph C. Sniezek and Robert A. Sofferman
  • Volume 43, Issue 5 Meniere’s Disease Edited by Jeffrey P. Harris and Quyen T. Nguyen
  • Volume 43, Issue 4 Complications in Sinus and Skull Base SurgeryPrevention & Management Edited by Samuel S. Becker and Alexander G. Chiu
  • Volume 43, Issue 3 Rhinology: Evolution of Science and Surgery Edited by Rodney J. Schlosser and Richard J. Harvey
  • Volume 43, Issue 2 Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery Edited by Sara I. Pai and Ralph P. Tufano
  • Volume 43, Issue 1 Cough: An Interdisciplinary Problem Edited by Kenneth W. Altman and Richard S. Irwin
  • Volume 42, Issue 6 Sialendoscopy and Lithotripsy Edited by Michael H. Fritsch
  • Volume 42, Issue 5 Technologic Innovations in Rhinology Edited by Raj Sindwani
  • Volume 42, Issue 4 Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy for Benign Skull Base Tumors Edited by R.A. Battista
  • Volume 42, Issue 3 Surgical Management of Nasal ObstructionFacial Plastic Surgery Perspective Edited by D.G. Becker
  • Volume 42, Issue 2 Surgical Management of Nasal ObstructionRhinologic Perspective Edited by S.S. Becker
  • Volume 42, Issue 1 Palliative Therapy in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Edited by K.M. Grundfast and G.P. Dunn
  • Volume 41, Issue 6 Revision Endocrine Surgery of the Head and Neck Edited by D. Goldenberg
  • Volume 41, Issue 5 Pediatric Laryngotracheal Reconstruction Edited by P.J. Koltai
  • Volume 41, Issue 4 Laryngeal Cancer Edited by N. Bhatti and R.P. Tufano
  • Volume 41, Issue 3 ENT Emergencies Edited by J.L. Dornhoffer and R.K. Chandra
  • Volume 41, Issue 2 The Unified Airway Edited by J.H. Krouse
  • Volume 41, Issue 1 Topics in ENT Imaging Edited by B.F. Branstetter
  • Volume 40, Issue 6 Lifelong Learning in Otolaryngology: From GME to MOC Edited by M.W. Ryan and F.B. Quinn
  • Volume 40, Issue 5 The Professional Voice Edited by Y. Heman-Ackah and R.T. Sataloff
  • Volume 40, Issue 4 Sleep Disorders Edited by J. Harwick
  • Volume 40, Issue 3 Neurotology Edited by D.S. Haynes
  • Volume 40, Issue 2 Facial Plastic Surgery:What’s Happening in the Subspecialty Edited by J.R. Thomas
  • Volume 40, Issue 1 Congenital Anomalies of the Head and Neck Edited by G. Isaacson
  • Volume 39, Issue 6 Cholesteatoma Edited by C.J. Danner
  • Volume 39, Issue 5 Endoscopic Surgery of the Orbit and Lacrimal System Edited by R. Sindwani and J.J. Woog
  • Volume 39, Issue 4 Revision Ear and Skull Base Surgery Edited by R.J. Wiet and R. Battista
  • Volume 39, Issue 3 Advanced Techniques in Rhinology, Advanced Techniques in Rhinology Edited by M.J. Citardi and P.S. Batra
  • Volume 39, Issue 2 Oral Cancer Edited by A. Meyers
  • Volume 39, Issue 1 Phonosurgery Edited by G.A. Grillone
  • Volume 38, Issue 6 Chronic Rhinosinusitis Edited by B.J. Ferguson and A.M. Seiden
  • Volume 38, Issue 5 Advances in Oculo-Facial Surgery Edited by S.L. Bosniak
  • Volume 38, Issue 4 Skull Base Medical and Surgical Issues Commonly Encountered in the Practice of Otolaryngology Edited by D. Backous and C. Esquivel
  • Volume 38, Issue 3 Image-Guided Surgery of the Paranasal Sinuses Edited by Raj Sindwani, MD, FRCS
  • Volume 38, Issue 2 Bioengineering in Otolaryngology Edited by Arlen D. Meyers
  • Volume 38, Issue 1 Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Head and Neck Cancer Edited by Jeffrey H. Spiegel, MD, FACS and Scharukh Jalisi, MD
  • Volume 37, Issue 6 Olfaction and Taste Edited by Karen J. Fong, MD, FACS
  • Volume 37, Issue 5 Intratympanics Treatment of Inner Ear Disease Edited by Lawrence R. Lustig, MD and John Carey, MD
  • Volume 37, Issue 4 Parathyroids Edited by Brendan C. Stack Jr., MD, FACS
  • Volume 37, Issue 3 Voice Following Laryngeal Cancer Surgery Edited by Daniel G. Deschler, MD, FACS
  • Volume 37, Issue 2 Sinusitis Edited by Jeffrey H. Spiegel, MD, FACS
  • Volume 37, Issue 1 Vocal Fold Paralysis Edited by Lucian Sulica, MD and David Myssiorek, MD
  • Volume 36, Issue 6 Headache and Facial Pain Edited by Collin S. Karmody, MD, FRCSE, FACS
  • Volume 36, Issue 5 Otolaryngologic Allergy Edited by J. David Osguthorpe, MD and M. Jennifer Derebery, MD
  • Volume 36, Issue 4 Otolaryngologic Manifestations of Systemic Diseases Edited by Kelvin C. Lee, MD and Richard A. Lebowitz, MD
  • Volume 36, Issue 3 Sleep-Disordered Breathing Edited by David J. Terris
  • Volume 36, Issue 2 Tinnitus: Advances in Evaluation and Management Edited by Aristides Sismanis
  • Volume 36, Issue 1 Disorders of the Thyroid Edited by Frank R. Miller, Randal A. Otto
  • Volume 35, Issue 6 Erratum
  • Volume 35, Issue 5 Laryngeal Malignancies: Management at Johns Hopkins Edited by Charles W. Cummings
  • Volume 35, Issue 4 Diagnosis and Management of Hearing Loss in Infants and Young Children Edited by Douglas D. Backous
  • Volume 35, Issue 3 Pathogenesis of Meniere’s Disease: Treatment Considerations Edited by Michael M. Paparella
  • Volume 35, Issue 2 Contemporary Neurotology Edited by Myles L. Pensak
  • Volume 35, Issue 1 Office-Based Procedures in Facial Plastic Surgery Edited by Jennifer Parker Porter
  • Volume 34, Issue 6 Skull Base Tumor Surgery Edited by J. David Osguthorpe
  • Volume 34, Issue 5 Paragangliomas of the Head and Neck Edited by David Myssiorek
  • Volume 34, Issue 4 Management of Facial Cutaneous Defects, Part II Edited by Stephen S. Park
  • Volume 34, Issue 3 Management of Facial Cutaneous Defects, Part I Edited by Stephen S. Park
  • Volume 34, Issue 2 Implantable Electronic Otologic Devices: State of the Art Edited by Anthony J. Maniglia and David W. Proops
  • Volume 34, Issue 1 Current Concepts in the Surgical Management of Frontal Sinus Disease Edited by Donald C. Lanza, David W. Kennedy
  • Volume 33, Issue 6 Syndromic and Other Congenital Anomalies of The Head and Neck Edited by Michael A. Rothschild
  • Volume 33, Issue 5 Voice Disorders and Phonosurgery II Edited by Clark A. Rosen, Thomas Murry
  • Volume 33, Issue 4 Voice Disorders and Phonosurgery I Edited by Clark A. Rosen, Thomas Murry
  • Volume 33, Issue 3 Practical Issues in The Management of The Dizzy and Balance Disorder Patient Edited by Neil T. Shepard, David Solomon
  • Volume 33, Issue 2 Fungal Rhinosinusitis: A Spectrum of Disease Edited by Berrylin J. Ferguson
  • Volume 33, Issue 1 Update on The Pediatric Airway Edited by Andrew L. de Jong, Ronald B. Kuppersmith


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