Oesophagogastric Surgery: A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice, 5th Edition

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  • S. Michael Griffin MD FRCS (Editor),
  • Simon A. Raimes MD FRCS FRCS (Ed) (Editor),
  • Jonathan Shenfine (Editor)

Oesophagogastric Surgery meets the needs of surgeons in higher training and practising consultants for a contemporary and evidence-based account of this sub-specialty that is relevant to their general surgical practice. It is a practical reference source incorporating the most current information on recent developments, management issues and operative procedures. The text is thoroughly referenced and supported by evidence-based recommendations wherever possible, distinguishing between strong evidence to support a conclusion, and evidence suggesting that a recommendation can be reached on the balance of probabilities.

This is a title in the Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice series whose eight volumes are an established and highly regarded source of information for the specialist general surgeon.

    • The Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice series provides a current and concise summary of the key topics within each major surgical sub-specialty.
    • Each volume highlights evidence-based practice both in the text and within the extensive list of references at the end of every chapter.
    • Purchase of a print book also includes a downloadable version of the eBook.
    • An expanded authorship team across the series includes additional European and World experts with an increased emphasis on global practice.
    • The contents of the series have been extensively revised in line with recently published evidence.
    • This revised edition takes full account of the advances in the roles of endoscopic and laparoscopic investigation, management and the treatment of benign and malignant oesophagogastric disease.
    • Key areas of evolving oesophagogastric practice are reflected in state of the art chapters from authors in the United States, Japan and Australia.
    • Over half of the chapters have been updated to reflect the latest opinions on complicated and rapidly changing disciplines in endoscopic and open surgery.


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    I really need this book. I wiil really appreciate your help.
    Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Surgery : Gastric and Oesophageal Surgery By: Chaudry, M. Asif Thrumurthy, Sri G. Mughal, Muntzer

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