Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery, 26th Edition

Bailey Love short practice of surgeryBy

  • Norman S. Williams MS FRCS, Prof. of Surgery and Director of the Centre for Academic Surgery at Barts and The London, Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, UK
  • Christopher J.K. Bulstrode MCh FRCS(Orth), Professor and Honorary Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Oxford, UK
  • P. Ronan O’Connell MD FRCSI FRCS(Glasg), Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon, Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Now in its 26th edition, Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery combines its traditional strengths relied on for decades with recent updates and new discoveries in the field. The book emphasizes effective clinical examination and soundly based surgical principles, while taking into account the latest developments in surgical practice.

The eminent editorial team comprises three editors with experience gained over previous editions. This new edition reflects improvements made from reader feedback and editor insight. The book opens with an introduction devoted to the underlying principles of surgical practice. It then presents essential material on investigation and diagnosis, perioperative care, and all aspects of surgical trauma. The remainder of the book considers each of the surgical specialties in turn:

  • Elective orthopaedics
  • Skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • Head and neck
  • Breast and endocrine system
  • Cardiothoracic and vascular
  • Abdominal and genitourinary
  • Transplantation

Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery has wide appeal to all those studying surgery, from undergraduate medical students to those in preparation for their postgraduate surgical examinations. In addition, its high standing and reputation for unambiguous advice make it the first point of reference for many practising surgeons. This volume remains one of the world’s pre-eminent medical textbooks, with lifetime sales in excess of one million copies.

Key Features

  • Preserves the clear, direct writing style—uncluttered by technical jargon—that has proven so popular in previous editions
  • Presents introductory material on the underlying principles of surgical practice
  • Discusses investigation, diagnosis, and other preoperative issues
  • Examines all aspects of surgical trauma
  • Includes learning objectives, boxed summaries, memorable anecdotes, and historical vignettes to facilitate comprehension


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