Wylie Churchill-Davidson’s A Practice of Anesthesia 7th Edition

Wilie and Churchill davidson a practice of anesthesiaBy

  • Juarez M. Avelar, Brazilian Ear Institute, São Paulo, Brazil

The new edition of this popular text has been extensively revised and updated throughout. It will continue to provide the trainee or practising anesthetist with all the information, both background and practical, that will be needed in the busy clinical setting or during revision for qualifying examinations.
Major changes for the new edition include increased international relevance, made possible by the extensive input of a new American co-editor and the selection of well known contributing authors from around the world. The content is thus applicable to all trainees studying for, and passing, the variety of different certifying examinations for practising anesthesia in a wide range of locales. The book presents both the basic science underlying modern anesthetic practice and up-to-date clinical anesthetic management techniques in a comprehensive, but concise and accessible, style. Reviews are well referenced throughout to guide the reader towards additional information beyond the scope of this text.
The book will continue to provide in a single volume all the information relevant to the physician in training, and serve as a convenient and reliable reference for the anaesthetist to use after training.

  • Provides invaluable discussion and advice regarding medico-legal and ethical issues of increasing significance in modern practice
  • International in approach
  • Includes a major section devoted to the basic science that underpins the practice of anesthesia
  • Informative ‘easy to read style’
  • An invaluable ‘one stop shop’ for trainee anesthetists worldwide


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