Operative Neurosurgical Anatomy

Operative Neurosurgical AnatomyBy

  • Damirez T. Fossett, M.D., Assistant Professor, D epartment of Neurosurgery, Director, Harvey Ammerman, Microneurosurgical Lab, The George Washing ton University, Washington, DC 20037
  • Anthony J. Caputy, M.D., Hugo V. Rizzo li Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, The Georg e Washington University, Washingto n, DC 20037

This book presents neurosurgical anatomy by detailing approaches on cadavers in the same position patients would be placed in during a real operative procedure. Anatomy is described in:

  • all commonly used cranial and cranial base approaches
  • anterior, posterior, anterolateral and posterolateral approaches to all segments of the spine
  • all commonly performed procedures on peripheral nerves
  • endoscopic approaches to cranial and spinal neurosurgery

Stresses the understanding of the anatomy rather than the performance of the procedure.


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