Essentials of Clinical Orthopedics

Essentials of Clinical OrthopedicsBy

  • Chellappa Elangovan

This book Essentials of Clinical Orthopedics gives an excellent idea and knowledge about the frequently encountered orthopedic disorders. This book will help the medical students, practitioners and students of the various paramedical branches to comprehend the science of orthopedics and sail through their examinations. The book, which is resting on your hands, is presented with the clinical discussions that you face in the wards and in the examinations. The knowledge that you gather from this book will help you with the available solutions to any orthopedic problem, and what is the state of the art in the orthopedic arena. The chapters on injuries of the ligament, obesity, bandages and methods to prevent low backache are very informative and would definitely enlighten the students. The problems encountered in orthopedics have been described in the clinical scenario. Definite guidelines on the various treatment modalities are given and this is very informative. This is not a treatise but a synopsis filled with the essentials of orthopedics that any medical student must know. This book will be very useful not only to the paramedical personnel but also to the medical graduates.


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