Mastering Orthopedic Techniques: Intra-articular Fractures

Mastering Orthopedic Techniques Intra-articular FracturesBy

  • Malhotra Rajesh

The consorted endeavor of one of the Mastering Orthopedic Techniques: Intra-articular Fractures, attempts to deal with the exclusive intra-articular fractures. Trauma, in the current context, is the major factor in the intra-articular fractures. The principles of intra-articular fracture management have not changed recently; the articular fragments require osteosynthesis with anatomical reduction and interfragmentary compression. The new principle is to provide relative stability, preferably with indirect reduction for the metaphyseal components. All practical surgical options are included with reasons why that particular surgical option for that particular fracture type would be ideal. The surgical options are detailed, including drawings, clinical photos, surgical techniques, equipment needed, pictures and illustrations of the anatomy and operative exposures, techniques and tricks for reduction and fixation and then, equally important, an overview of postoperative management, complications and results. Each chapter then concludes with an illustrative case and references and, even in some cases, a list of tips and pearls. This book on Intra-articular Fractures, they have addressed the issues facing the orthopedic or trauma surgeon and provide an easy reference for all, including residents, fellows, attendings and even more experienced orthopedic surgeons and traumatologists in the management of these often very complex and complicated traumatic injuries.


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