Orthopedics Illustrated, 2nd Edition

Orthopedics IllustratedBy

  • Gupta RK

The book Orthopaedics Illustrated is extremely informative and is most up-to-date. It is very stylishly written and is neatly designed. It covers useful mnemonics to enable the students to remember easily. Self-explanatory flow charts are made which would help to develop a concept in decision making. A chapter on instruments with original photographs is given with great care to benefit the students during examination maximally. The Postgraduate Medical Entrance (PGME) Examination has been also kept in mind. The various points where MCQs have been asked any time, are marked by symbol (?). In traumatic orthopedics, the classifications and treatment are given in continuity to enable the students to understand and remember easily. The tumors and nerves are given in simplified tabulated form to enable the students to make comparative study and remember easily. In this edition, a new chapter “Prostheses, Orthoses and Physiotherapy” has been added to enable the students to know the essential features of rehabilitation and physiotherapy which plays a very important role in orthopedic cases. This book will be a useful handbook for postgraduate students as well as medical practitioners.


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