Proximal Femoral Fractures

Proximal Femoral FracturesBy

  • Babhulkar Sudhir, Tanna DD

This book, Proximal Femoral Fractures written by two of the most experienced trauma surgeons. The book encompasses practical tips for management of proximal femoral fractures in day-to-day practice. It clearly details the indications for hemireplacement in intertrochanteric fractures of elderly along with extensive description of novel approach and execution of the surgery. It covers the entire spectrum from anatomy, epidemiology, and surgical modalities of treatment of proximal femoral fractures with surgical procedures described in great detail covering the age group from pediatrics to geriatrics. In fact, detailed surgical procedures for all proximal femoral fractures remains the strong point of the book. It serves as a concise, well-researched and comprehensive practical guide encompassing the most modern trends in the management of proximal femoral fractures for orthopedic surgeons worldwide.


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