Essential Pain Pharmacology: The Prescriber’s Guide

Essential Pain Pharmacology the prescriber guideBy

  • Howard S. Smith, Academic Director of Pain Management, Albany Medical College
  • Marco Pappagallo, Director, Pain Management and Medical Mentoring, NY Medical Home for Chronic Pain

Essential Pain Pharmacology: The Prescriber’s Guide expertly reviews the most important medications used to relieve pain, now considered by many physicians as the fifth vital sign. The catalogue of analgesics has expanded rapidly, and this text presents the most up-to-date, comprehensive array of agents available for prescribing. Each clear and concise drug entry covers the range of indications, advantages and disadvantages, and tips for appropriate dosing and avoiding adverse effects. A separate section covers nutraceuticals, a class of drug increasingly used to manage chronic pain, yet little discussed in medical literature. The detailed description of each medication enables the user to make quick and informed decisions, confident that they are best serving the needs of their patients. Practical ‘pearls’ for each entry provide a quick go-to reference for the key information to consider before prescribing. This concise user-friendly reference is a must-have on the shelf of every physician.

  • A separate section covers nutraceuticals, aiding both patients self-administering these agents and physicians considering their use to manage chronic pain
  • ‘Pearls of wisdom’ give quick, practical hints to aid confident prescribing in real clinical situations
  • User-friendly, intuitive layout ensures that key clinical information can be accessed rapidly when time is short


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