Microsurgery: Advances, Simulations and Applications

Microsurgery advances simulations and applicationsBy

  • Toshio Fukuda Nagoya University, Japan
  • Carlos Tercero Nagoya University, Japan

This book presents the development of the endovascular evaluator (EVE), which was motivated by the lack of in vitro simulation tools reproducing patient-specific vasculature morphology. The development of patient-specific silicone vasculature models and the EVE is a breakthrough that is improving medical training and facilitating research and development in industry and academia. This book explains the development of in vitro simulators for biomedical applications based on the scientific context in robotics and the explanation of the medical procedure to be simulated. It presents modeling methods for the in vitro representation of human tissue and for representing tissue integrity during endovascular surgery simulation. Additionally, it presents applications of this in vitro vasculature modeling technology.


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