Anesthesia Equipment Simplified

Anesthesia Equiment simplifiedBy

  • Gregory L. Rose, MD (Lexington, KY) Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Kentucky College of Medicine.
  • J. Thomas McLarney, M.D. (Lexington, KY) Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Medical Director, Anesthesiology Preoperative Assessment Clinical Director, Center for Simulation, University of Kentucky College of Medicine.


The goal of Anesthesia Equipment Simplified is to provide the technical background necessary to ensure the safe and effective use of the basic equipment used by the anesthetist. Written in an enjoyable, conversational style, this unique text makes technical details easy to understand and remember.

Emphasizing clinical utility rather than academic discussion,Anesthesia Equipment Simplified clarifies every important aspect of anesthesia machines, monitoring equipment, and other key technologies in anesthesia practice and also includes detailed advice on how to troubleshoot and prevent malfunctions.

You will find valuable chapters on:

  • All components of the anesthesia machine
  • Breathing systems
  • Hemodynamic monitoring equipment
  • Noncardiovascular monitoring equipment
  • Anesthesia equipment for magnetic resonance imaging
  • Electricity and electrical safety in the operating room
  • New developments

No other text so interestingly, clearly, and expertly demystifies the basic equipment used by the anesthesiologist like Anesthesiology Equipment Simplified. It will also serve as a valuable review for the anesthesia board and in-training examinations as it offers comprehensive coverage of all the basic equipment topics that appear on those exams.


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  1. May I request you for Dr Paul Marino’s The ICU Book, 4th Edition, including the synopsis titled: “The Little ICU Book of Facts and Formulas”?

    Thank you so much.
    Appreciate your great initiative, as ever…

  2. please upload
    Basic Physics & Measurement In Anaesthesia / Edition 5
    by P.D. Davis, Gavin N. C. Kenny (Editor)

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