Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery

Author: Souza Chris de, Gil Ziv, Fliss Dan M

This wonderfully illustrated Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery aptly brings this statement to life, a picture is worth a thousand words. This atlas serves as an introduction to those about to embark on this wonderful journey of learning head and neck surgery. This atlas presents step-by-step illustrations of the operation, from preparation and incision to the last step of reconstruction. This atlas also utilizes alongside intraoperative pictures and cartoons, to facilitate learning and understanding of the techniques. This atlas will understand better all the various dimensions that go into head and neck surgery. This surgical atlas has contemplated to provide accessible and comprehensive knowledge of state of the art surgical techniques used for extirpation of head and neck tumors. The atlas also presents contemporary reconstruction and rehabilitation techniques, which are frequently used in head and neck cancer patients. In this book introduce all the major ideas that a physician involved in treating these patients would be expected to know—with the highlight of important anatomical and technical issue in head and neck surgery. Finally, major classical and contemporary references are given at the end of each chapter allowing guidance for those who are interested in further reading. This book is written and illustrated by all the very eminent personalities in this field. It serves all those who are in the field, right from the novice all the way up to the accomplished surgeon. For the novice, this is a baptismal introduction. While for the accomplished specialist, it provides valuable insights into the various advances that have blossomed in this area. It is the goal of every physician to serve his patient better. This book is directed at helping that physician accomplish this goal. This book too owes much to the physicians, nurses and paramedical team which are committed to the multidisciplinary team spirit management of head and neck patients.


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