Systematic Approach to Describe Instruments and Operative Procedures in Surgery, Orthopedics and Anesthesia

Author: Pusdekar Vinod

This book Systematic Approach to Describe Instruments and Operative Procedures in Surgery, Orthopedics and Anesthesia covers all these aspects in a comprehensive manner. Keeping this in mind, this book is written to help the undergraduate students prior to practical viva examination. This book is also helpful to the postgraduate students of general surgery, orthopedics and anesthesia. Every attempt has been made to provide a condense information by framing it point-wise. In general surgery section relevant points for identification of the instrument and their uses are mentioned. While discussing the use of instruments, emphasis has been given to mention the particular operation where the instrument is commonly used. Almost all of the surgical instruments used in general surgery and superspeciality surgeries like neurosurgery, urosurgery and plastic surgery are described in details along with illustrative diagrams. In orthopedics section, various instruments, their identification along with their uses are discussed. Orthopedic implants used in different fractures are also discussed along with their illustrative photographs. Different sterilization procedures are discussed in details and also mentioned individually along with every instrument. Anesthesia section includes equipment’s for general as well as regional anesthesia. Commonly used drugs in anesthesia and emergency drugs are also described. Major and minor operative and bedside procedures in general surgery are described in a step-by-step approach, and only covers the important procedures commonly asked in examinations. Preoperative preparation of the patient prior to surgical procedures is described in detail. Different types of surgical suture materials, needles and the basic surgeries where they have been used are discussed thoroughly in section of suture materials. Different types of per-urethral catheters, tubes and drains used in general surgery are described. This book also covers the basic knowledge of different intravenous fluids and intravenous cannulas used in clinical practice. This book will earn its value in its own way in the students circle.


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