Nail and its Disorders

Author: Sacchidanand S, AS Savitha

This book Nail and its Disorders is the first treatise on this subject, with colourful illustrations of the pigmented skin. This book comprehensively covers the anatomy, infections, inflammatory disorders and tumors of nail apparatus. This book intends to remove the hesitancy among dermatologists to diagnose and treat nail disorders. A compilation of chapters exclusively relating to nail and its disorders is attempted here, keeping in view practicing dermatologists and the residents alike. This book attempts to familiarize the dermatologists regarding the easily treatable nail disorders. Nail disorders may pose difficulties in diagnosis as they have limited ways of expression. Several conditions may present with similar nail changes and a single disease. Color photographs of clinical conditions, dermatoscopic images, line diagrams and other illustrations make this book easily readable and interesting. This maiden venture would be adequately received by the dermatology community.


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