Anaesthesia for Day Case Surgery

by Jan Jakobsson

The use of ambulatory or “day case” surgery has grown tremendously in Western countries in recent years at the expense of more traditional in-hospital surgical care. In the US, up to 70-80% of all surgical procedures are currently performed on an ambulatory basis. The adaptation of day case surgery still varies considerably between countries and even within countries in Europe.

The transition from traditional in-hospital care to day case surgery, or ambulatory procedure, calls for vigilant planning of steps in preoperative care and a team effort to optimize all parts of patient care, as well as care logistics. Drug selection, drug combination, drug administration, and preparation of patients are all substantially different in the day case surgery setting than in the traditional in-hospital setting. It is therefore crucial that anesthetists, surgeons, and other clinicians involved in administering day case surgery are aware of these differences to ensure safe and effective delivery of care.

Part of the Oxford Anaesthesia Library, this practical pocketbook provides an overview of the scope of day surgical anaesthesia and features simple and ready-to-use suggestions for the selection of drugs, techniques, and protocols to follow in everyday day-case-surgical clinical practice.


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