Auditory Processing Disorders: Assessment, Management and Treatment, 2nd Edition

Auditory Processing Disorders Assessment, Management and Treatmentby Kenny Pang, Brian Rotenberg, Tucker Woodson

The second edition of Auditory Processing Disorders, which includes several new chapters, details the history, definition, behaviors, and co-morbidity of auditory processing disorders before educating the reader on the most current practices for audiological and speech-language assessment of APD, including its impact on literacy and language processing. Practical rehabilitation and management strategies are covered in detail. This book a highly practical book designed specifically for practicing clinicians, both audiologists and speech-language pathologists. The book includes authors that read like a “Who’s Who” in the discipline of auditory processing disorders (APD).

    New to this edition:

  • New chapter by Frank Musiek, Gail Chermak, Teri Bellis and Jeff Weihling on the philosophical and conceptual existence of APD, defying the myth.
  • New chapter on Computer-Based Training Methods for Age-Related APD: Past, Present, and Future by Harry Levitt, Chris Oden, Helen Simon, Carla Noack and Al Lotze
  • New information from Nina Kraus and associates from the Northwestern Brain Volts lab on the value of using cABR in the diagnosis and measurement of APD in children
  • A chapter on the effectiveness of musical training to alter that brain’s engagement with sound.
  • New chapter by Bunnie Schuler on the use of apps in hand-held devices for treatment.
  • New chapter on case law from one of the nation’s leading attorneys in special education, Gary Mayerson.
  • Updated information on the use of computer-based software programs from Larry Metwedsky.
  • New chapter by Leah Light on APD as a Model of a Functional Disconnection Syndrome.
  • Three new appendices: Tips for Parents, Tips for Teachers, and a Study Questions Answer Key


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