Diagnosis and Treatment of Voice Disorders

by John S. Rubin M.D., Robert T. Sataloff M.D., Gwen S. Korovin M.D.
The new third edition of Diagnosis and Treatment of Voice Disorders is the up-to-date and accessible reference for the range of professionals who care for patients with voice disorders. Over 60 well-known contributors provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the characteristics of voice disorders, diagnostic procedures and techniques, and treatment models.
Each contributor, an expert of their respective field, conveys the complexities of the science of the human voice, and together they present current best practices in voice.
The book has been significantly revised and updated to cover advances in the science and medicine of voice disorders, including a substantial increase in coverage of the formation of the larynx; new insights provided by functional brain imaging; the musculoskeletal system in voice disorders; surgical diagnostic evaluation techniques; infant and pediatric voice disorders; drug effects, interaction and complications; laryngopharyngeal reflux and voice disorders; treatment options in non-surgical management; and extensively revised information on surgery for laryngeal cancer. In addition, new chapters have been added including: The Neurology of Stuttering, Transnasal Esophagoscopy; Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Voice Disorders; Corticosteroid Use in Otolaryngology; The Effects of Posture on Voice; and management of Adult Onset Subglottic and Tracheal Stenosis.

The book contains predominantly black-and-white illustrations, with some color illustrations.


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