Step by Step Arterial Surgery

Arterial Surgeryby Choudhry Piush

Since time immemorial, the human body has been subjected to the inevitable process of trauma whether it is accidental or iatrogenic. Though the access into various super specialities has made the management of each individual patient inexcusable requiring a positive predictable outcome, there are limitations of approach in certain cases due to constrains regarding geographic, financial or availability of the surgeon at accidental site. This book serves to bridge the gap between the accidental victim and the surgeon to initiate the procedures until treatment is completed. The arteries from the neck to the lower limbs have been described together with their incisions for exposure, vascular diseases and conditions related to the arteries. The illustrations provided with each artery succinctly describe the course of the vessel which makes it an easy to understand reference guide. The accessibility to such text and illustration in arteries makes the book useful in management of warfare injuries, road traffic accidents and various other incidences.


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