Manual of Histoid Leprosy

Manual of Histoid Leprosyby   Sehgal Virendra N, Srivastava Govind

This is the 1st edition of the book Manual of Histoid Leprosy provide comprehensive and updated text as per the present day advances in the subject of leprosy. This book has been achieved through step-by-step details of the entity like clinical and bacteriological features of M. Leprae, cyto-histopathology and immunological profile. The diagnostic criteria are highlighted to facilitate its ultimate management. The book organised 15 chapters, all chapters are well defined. This book has a separate chapter Color Atlas has been incorporated to facilitate the comprehension of the clinical connotation and its instant diagnosis. Slit-skin smear examination, as an office procedure, may facilitate the diagnosis. Its confirmation, however, is required through salient microscopic pathology. This book will be useful to the students and practicing dermatologists.


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