Textbook of Surgical Management of Lumbar Disc Herniation

Textbook of Surgical Management of Lumbar Disc Herniationby Ramani PS, Park Chun-Kun, Loftus Christopher M, Mizuno Junichi, Bajamal Abdul Hafid, Osorio-Fonseca Enrique, Patkar Sushil

This book Surgical Management of Lumbar Disc Herniation is appropriate companion on the common ailment of the lumbar disc herniation. It divides into seven sections such as historical evolution of lumbar disc herniation, basic knowledge in lumbar disc herniation, investigations, surgical techniques infrequently used in lumbar disc herniation, complications in surgery for lumbar disc herniation, and follow-up. Includes the chapters contributed by leading spinal surgeons in the world. It consists complete synopsis of surgical management of lumbar disc herniation. Covers illustrates profusely with multicolors.


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