Essentials of Orthopedics

Author: Shenoy RM

The related aspects of fractures and dislocation of different types of bones, joints, wear and tear of tissues are discussed in this book. Each chapter emphasizes on different types, causes, effects, clinical features, diagnosis, examination, symptoms and treatment for fractures and dislocation. The book also discusses on tumors, diseases and syndrome related to bones, tissues and joints. The fracture and dislocation can occur at any age, but if it is congenital then it occurs at infancy, such as poliomyelitis, deformities in clubfoot, etc. The fracture and dislocation may occur in any part of the body, so an accurate and detailed clinical examination with help of X-ray, CT and MRI will not only help in diagnosis but also help in outlining a management plan for surgery. Treatment begins with non-operative measures in mild and early cases. In acute or severe condition surgical repair and reconstruction is advised.


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