Textbook of Ear, Nose & Throat Diseases

Author: Maqbool Mohammad, Maqbool Suhail

This book includes the detailed explanation of development processes of the ear, nose & throat and the different diseases associated with these. It consists of the necessary details and conceptions required for better understanding of the subject by the students. It has three sections, the first section deals with ear and its diseases, the second one deals with nose and its diseases while the third one deals with throat and associated diseases. The book also explains different techniques of diagnosis, various surgical treatment procedures & medications and the dozes for the treatment of the diseases of ENT. It elaborates in detail the symptoms, clinical features, etiology and management of the diseases associated with parts of the ear, nose and throat. The different tumors associated with these are explained in a detailed and pictorial manner, which allows the readers to clearly visualize and understand the medical procedure. Few of the chapters included in the book are focused on congenital diseases of the external and middle ear, mastoid and middle ear surgery, otological aspects of facial paralysis, hearing aids and cochlear implant, rhinosinusitis, tumors of the pharynx and acute laryngitis and laryngocele.


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